CORE 1: Theology

By Steve Young / Worship Theology / 10.01.14

core 1d picPart of what makes up WALI’s identity are three core areas that we embrace, champion and nurture.  These are our 3 Cores.  This post is designed to give a brief overview of the first core area: Worship Theology and goes along with two other posts on core 2 & 3.

Sound theology is the lens through which we lead our teams and our congregation.  If our lens is obscured, our sense of direction is obscured with it.  Whether we realize it or not, every decision we make.  What we do.  What we won’t do.  How we organize.  How we choose not to organize.  The songs we pick.  The songs we omit.  All of these decisions are made through the lens of our theology.  If you think you don’t make decisions this way, that, in itself is a reflection of your theology.  When we lose touch with good theology, we are likely to make poor leadership choices, poor organizational choices, poor people choices, and yes, poor creative choices, resulting in a lack of health in our worship arts ministry and by extension, our congregation.

In the coming weeks, we’ll explore how our theology shapes our leadership in worship ministry.