Who we are


To connect leaders of worship to sources of empowered learning, experiences of common support, and modes of professional inspiration.


Worship is very simple and very complex (like real things!). It is wholly theological and yet interfaces with sociology in application, which can make it challenging to lead. Faithfulness and relevance both matter, and each leader’s context is demanding – differing expectations, group dynamics, team formation, practical skills, staying current, resources – the list goes on. And while our service in this area of ministry is a blessing, it can sometimes be contentious, leaving us in search of answers. Confident that we can all do better, in our work and in dealing with each other, Concordia University Irvine is committed to helping people b
uild healthy, thriving worship arts ministries by promoting support mechanisms that provide mentoring, wise counsel, and encouragement. To that end, the Center for Worship Leadership was created.

The Center for Worship Leadership (CWL) is in residence in Christ College, Concordia University Irvine‘s school of Theology, Philosophy, Biblical and Classical Languages, and Church Vocations. It is charged with living out its mission within the Concordia Irvine community and in service to Christian congregations nationally. Internally, on our campus, the CWL partners with existing academic programs to train and equip next-generation worship arts leaders and musicians. Externally we connect with one another in various ways to support, empower, and inspire through our Worship Arts Leader initiative (WALi), which provides a variety of gathering/training events throughout the country. The CWL also has plans to produce specialized worship resources and online education opportunities that can lead to non-credit-bearing Certificates in the area of Worship Theology, Ministry Leadership, and the various Practical Skill areas related to Worship Arts.

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