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Which Keyboard is Right for Me? by Steve Young     As a keyboard player, I’ve been asked this question many times over the years.  Having been asked yet again this week, I’ve decided to put together some thoughts regarding how to choose the right keyboard for you.  The landscape of available options has never […]


We asked Joel Endicott to do a follow-up on using Apple’s MainStage.  He went above-and-beyond by creating a video tutorial that explores all of the basics for using MainStage in worship.  


Why I Use MainStage Instead of a Synth by Joel Endicott   As a keyboard player, the sounds I use are very important to me, as well as how easily I can control them during a worship service.  Today’s modern keyboard synthesizers are incredibly powerful and sound fantastic.  So why do I use a $29.99 […]

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The Worship Lens

By Admin / Worship Theology / 08.03.15

by Max Murphy Our Theology of Worship has an impact on what we do in worship.  Our theology is a lens through which we see everything else: it is our “first-line” of sight that puts everything else into focus.  How does that lens relate to our choice of what styles and elements happen in worship? […]